"When you combine a deep-rooted faith in Jesus Christ with the heart for leadership and loving people - you get Jay Mills. Jay weaves the foundation pieces of Christ centered leadership with coaching expertise that gives a road map to bringing others into that space. His desire to see hearts lead aligned with Jesus Christ shines through and provides wonderful examples of "coaching the Game of Life! (Mitch Barnhart, Director of Athletics, University of Kentucky, and past national advisory board of K-Love Radio)

“Jay Mills has been a great leader for our program and has impacted the lives of countless students-athletes as well as members of this University…He is a man in our department who has shown us all the qualities of a leader.”

(Hank Small, Former Director of Athletics at Charleston Southern University)

“A transformational leader”… “a coach and spiritual mentor”

(Dr. Rick Brewer, President of Louisiana College)

 “I will always attribute the success I had from the leadership of Coach Mills.”

(Collin Drafts, BSC and CSU Hall of Fame Quarterback)


“True Christianity is becoming few and far between and there are not enough men with enough backbone to take a stand like you did on national television.”

(Tyler Hazel)

“I’m not anywhere close to being ‘full of joy’ as I am writing this to you. I want to know, Coach Mills, that I have never met a Christian coach like you in all my life who obviously walks it and talks it as you do, and I have met many who professed to be born again believers. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent with you.”

(Albert Long)

“Equally, if not more impressive was your Christian heart which was obvious in not only what you said, but THE quiet, sure manner in which you said it… Standing there with my three sons I was able to talk with them about what an excellent representation of Christ your example is and how all of us need to keep that in mind throughout every day of our lives.”

(Dr. Harry Black)


“I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today professionally and personally it wasn’t for you. Thank you for all that you did for me and all of your players. I especially believe you got me prepared for life after football and I’m greatly appreciative.”

(Darren Swiggett)


“To this day the folks in attendance have commented on your performance… and mainly alI wanted to know where I found you. You served the Lord well.”

(Eddi Madruga)

“Great message and very timely for this time in my life… I loved your stories and your delivery. You are a gifted orator.”

(Bill Pollard)

“Jay Mills is the real deal. Jay knows what he is speaking and writing about, has lived it and continues to live it. Jay knows what it means to go “All in” and All out” for the “All in all.” Jay inspires each of us to live a life worth living. He motivates listeners and readers to sprint through the finish line! Jay’s overcoming life’s battles will convince you that it can be done and inspire you that you can do it.”

(Paul Hansen, Businessman)

"Jay Mills has the ability to communicate to large crowds and individuals alike. He is always prepared to be at center stage. He has been known to fire up an audience with motivating quotes and keep them engaged with meaningful analogies as well as humor that his listeners can relate to."

(Mike McCann Author of Believe EG21: Play Like There Is No Tomorrow)

“I just wanted to say that out of all the speakers, you by far are the best in my book. I thoroughly enjoyed your speech today, it means a lot to me when I can hear a man talk about the Lord like you do. It is an honor for me to hear you and know that we are on the same page about faith and trusting in God. I appreciate the Scripture that you brought up and the way you work it in to your speeches. Again, I thank you for the man that you are and the faith that you have in God. I look forward to seeing you again.”

(Bobby Mast)

Jay will bring the leadership your team needs



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